The DEMI project aims to provide a means to enhance existing product/process design methods and tools to optimise energy use pattern over the product/process life cycle by developing:

  • Energy Dependency Selector
    • Energy Dependency Selector is a predesign stage analysis and selection of manufacturing technology/methods, parts, equipment, materials to use for meeting specs and for energy efficiency over the whole process life cycle Eco-Innovative-Design (see the text tof follow) of Eco-Processes.
  • Energy Monitoring Setup
    • Energy Monitoring Setup is a suppport design/selection of Aml and other measurement systems and appropriate extended monitoring and decision support services to ensure energy efficiency during life cycle operation of the installed manufacturing process, and to provide knowledge needed for enhanced design of products and processes.
  • Energy Analyser
    • Energy Analyser is a tool for mathematical analysis and multi-factor and multivariable optimisation of energy efficiency of process installations.
  • Energy Simulator
    • What-if life cycle scenarios with stochastic inputs simulated to quantify the effects of flexible production and different configurations of equipment in the designed process.
  • Knowlegde Repository
    • It is a Knowledge Repository for gathering knowledge above described services and for gathering other measurements in the manufacturing.

These project results will be developed to enable a better use of design supporting ICT systems and to provide a dynamic stimulus, an exemple is the provision dynamic and context sensitive simulations where the what-if scenarios are realised by services narrowing down the multitude of possible parameters/factors/variables to target the simulations at key values and factors that really matter.

Generic Software components shall be applicable for enhancement of different (existing) product/process design tools and approaches regarding energy use of manufacturing processes. Within the project the integration of these generic SW components with the three existing product and/or process design systems of the project beneficiaries will be investigated:

  • ICT vendor Moldware tools for designing boring and cooling systems
  • ICT vendor SISTEPLANT tools for Lean process design
  • Installation engineering company MBAS design system, where these new components will be applied as support tools in the existing process engineering system

The research leading to the presented results has received funding from the European Union Community Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 247 831.